Towelabunga! is an adjustable elastic and Velcro strap towel restraining system for use with a beach or pool chaise, lounger or chair. Wind, movement or gravity are no match as it keeps the towel secure, in place and anchored!

how it works

Step 1
Towelabunga Step1Towelabunga Step1
Step 2
Towelabunga Step2Towelabunga Step2
Step 3
TowelabungaTowelabunga Step3
The Towelabunga! is designed so that anyone can use it!

In just three easy steps, you’re set for a picture perfect day of sun and breeze, without EVER having to readjust your towel again!

Place your towel or cover on the lounger or chair. Use with or without a cushion. It will fit!

Standing behind the upper portion of the lounger or chair, with the Towelabunga! ends in either hand, lean forward and wrap the Towelabunga! strap around the towel and lounger at your desired height. Cool!

Secure the Velcro ends together behind the lounger or chair. Repeat these steps for the lower portion. Relax!