Towelabunga! is an adjustable elastic and Velcro strap towel restraining system for use with a beach or pool chaise, lounger or chair. Wind, movement or gravity are no match as it keeps the towel secure, in place and anchored!




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I wanted to write to let you know how great the Towelabunga! worked for us. My husband and I were staying at the Marriott Kauai in Lihue right on the ocean. Kauai is known for its strong trade winds and beautiful scenery. Each day, we would take our towels, books, etc. and go down to the beach in the morning. We would find a couple of loungers, lay out our towels and then strap them down with our Towelabunga!s. As the day progressed and the wind picked up, our towels stayed in place even when we got up and went into the water for a swim. Sometimes the wind was strong enough to blow the sand around, but our towels stayed put! We are planning on taking a cruise this summer, and the Towelabunga will be on our packing list for sure. It has its own custom storage bag, is so compact, and takes up minimal room in a suitcase. Thank you again for this great product!

Lainey Richardson



My Towelabunga! has been fantastic! Whenever I go to my parents' house on the weekends to use their swimming pool, I always make sure I have it on hand! It holds the towel in place perfectly so that when I get up to dip into the pool, my towel doesn't fall down. When I go back to my lounge chair, my towel is still held perfectly in place where I left it. Instead of fumbling with the towel to try and get it back into place, I can just lay back down and enjoy the sun. Also, I don't have to worry about moving my towel any time I change positions because it's always held in place! I love my Towelabunga! and have all ready bought enough for all the lounge chairs at my parents' house!

Jessica Prouty